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Man Of God, SESAC Recording Artist, Full Sail University Music Business Major, S.E.R.M.G/Street Clientele Entertainment Recording Studio Owner, Social Media Marketing & Promotions. Our goal here at Street Clientele is to provide serious aspiring artists with the services, information and guidance to take their music careers to the next level. We also provide a networking platform for other industry professionals as well as provide you with the latest happenings going on in the entertainment industry.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


SALUTE THE PRODUCERS INSTRUMENTAL MIXTAPE VOL.1 Producers King Lo & Tate The Champ  <<<<Click here to download

Brought to you by Street Clientele Ent. Salute your producers! without them you have a voice but not a sound! Producers play an exceptional role in making music happen! As you would the Djs, salute your producers for what they do! Behind the scenes making it happen hit after hit. Salute to all of you world-wide! Interested in featuring on volume 2 Contact Arianne Elizabeth on Facebook or 404-913-2551. Some make music! We make music history! Street Clientele Entertainment Need bangers? Hit us up! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DJ TREMAYNE LINKS UP WITH YMCMB's Lil Chuckee for StreetStarz Vol. 10

For StreetStarz Vol. 10. DJ Tremayne linked up with YMCMB's Lil Chuckee and DJ Plug to bring you the hottest music straight from the streets. Here is a link for a free download. Keep your eyes on this DJ! He's on Fire! Follow him on twitter @DJTREMAYNE and YMCMBs' Lil Chuckee @LilChuckee! This mixtape is on fire! Get it now!

Click here to go to free download on datpiff:

First Featured Artist Ever: The Legendary Jon Aymos (1970-2012) 478 Mac-Town Legend

Click here to play music: Welcome 2 Da Club By Jon Aymos Street Clientele/Gotta Grind 2010

I find it only right to pay respect and honor those that made it a little easier for others to chase and achieve their dreams. Jon Aymos shared his God given gift of music with the world. With his gift of music he broke barriers and achieved success in the music industry for himself, but he also taught the artists around him to do the same for themselves.

I happened to be one of those musicians. I had the privilege to work with J.A. on my own personal projects and I also had the opportunity to network and collaborate with him on several projects for up and coming artists. The things that I learned from him simply won't be taught in any classroom and are priceless to me as an industry professional. He was truly a great friend and mentor that I watched and learned from.

One of the most important things that he exemplified was being about more than music. Although music was a big part of his life, it was only a fraction in comparison of what else he offered the world. He was a beloved son to his parents, father to his children, brother, companion, and friend to many of us that had the opportunity to know him before he picked up the mic or made any music.

Most of all (to myself as well as many others) he was an inspiration. He was an inspiration because through the adversities, trials and or tribulations he may have faced in his life it never stopped him from chasing his dreams with a smile on his face. He is a constant reminder to me that no matter what you go through in life you could do it all with a smile on your face.

J.A. may be gone but his legacy will live on through his family, friends, and those that had the opportunity to know him. If you had the opportunity to really know J.A. then you knew that music was  his life. It wasn't something he just did because everyone else was doing it. He did music because he was born to do it.

He is a legend to those of us he shared his gift with and empowered. For that I am forever grateful. I vow to make sure that his music lives on and the real message of MUSIC that I learned from his life will be spread to those I have the opportunity to get know and work with. He has tremendously affected my career as both a musician as well as an industry executive. It's only right that I dedicate the 1st ever artist blog post to remember my friend and brother in music Jon Aymos. R.I.P Fam! This ones for you! 478 Mac-Town Legend J.A. Jon Amos

Stay tuned for more on Jon Aymos

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How To Get Featured In The All New Street Clientele E-Mag

The purpose of the All New Street Clientele E-Mag is to give up and coming artists an exclusive platform to showcase themselves and their music to the world. You will also find the hottest Deejays, Producers, Models, Photographers, Artists, and Industry Executives reading and scouting along with thousands of Indie music lovers waiting to discover you. Listed below is a set of simple instructions for submitting inquires on how to get featured in the magazine. They are very simple instructions but if they're not followed correctly your inquiry may not make it to us as we receive emails from thousands of musicians and industry personnel each month.

1st Please type in the subject box: Street Clientele E-Mag Inquiry
2nd Please include "ATTACHED" Mp3 file(s) Please note We do not download files!
3rd Please have the following contact info: Name, Phone Number, & Twitter along with your inquiry.

This information will help us to keep our emails organized so that we can contact you with further information. Thanks and we look forward to hearing you!

~3rd Street Clientele

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Street Clientele's Commitment To You

Being that I'm an independent artist/owner myself amongst a host of other things in the music industry I think its important for you to know what my commitments are and why we do what we do and offer our services . True enough, I don't have to explain to anything to anybody just like you don't have to interact with me or even read any of our posts for that matter. But that brings me to the first topic of relationships. Believe it or not money can only take you so far in the business but the relationships that you build with people will take you a long ways. Yes, this is tough business but networking with the right people will serve as being priceless in your career. 

In order to network and do business with the right people you will have to build a level of trust with the individuals that you network with, share information, and maintain those relationships by continuing to do whats right and keeping your word. This may seem like a long shot but there are still some great people out there that are ready and willing to help you if you listen, are dedicated enough and willing to go the distance for it.

We thank you first for reaching out to us as we know that you could've been reading another blog or doing a million other things. So we value having you here to network with us. We're here because we genuinely have a passion for helping artists take their careers to the next level. The information and services we provide have been validated and have been thoroughly researched before being posted. We are a product of our own product's meaning, the same services, advice and information we offer to billboard charted artists that we represent is the same that we offer to our independent clientele and the same for my career as well. 

So you can trust that any question asked of us, any service we recommend, any review we post has been thoroughly reviewed to maintain a standard of excellence from us to you with this blog. We take our blog very seriously as we want to help artists achieve their goals. We look forward to getting to know you, your music, your goals/dreams and we're here to help you make them a reality.

That my friends is our commitment to you and we look forward to building with you! 


Sunday, June 3, 2012


We are now currently accepting new indie music, deejays, models, lawyers, booking agents and entertainment executives to have featured here on the all new Street Clientele Blogspot. For more information please contact Street Clientele Entertainment by email at or by calling 888-997-1297.  Serious inquiries only! Thanks and we look forward to networking with you!


Saturday, June 2, 2012


      The purpose of our blogspot is to provide indie artists of all genres with the essential information and services that will assist you in taking your music careers to the next level. We serve as the link between you the artist and the Music Industry. Street Clientele Entertainment has been deemed the indie artists best kept secret. Our services cover all of your music business needs to include: Artist Management, Copyrights/Publishing Servicing and Information, Social Media Marketing and Promotions, Distribution/Duplication Deals, Graphics, Radio Placements, Mix-tape Hosting,Studio Recording Time, Mixing and Mastering, Video Production/Editing, Contracts, Electronic Press Kits (EPKS), Websites, & much more.

You will also find the hottest new music and indie artist's in the game out right now right here! Also look for our featured models, deejays and industry V.I.Ps as well. Are you releasing new music? Let our  A&Rs review it. Questions? We're here to get you going in the right direction. Want your music business handled right? You're in the right place! Stay tuned for great opportunities with us! We look forward to working for you and networking with you! For more information on how to get featured or service inquiries please contact (888)-997-1297. ALL GENRES OF MUSIC WELCOME!